Equipment Financing

Jumpstart Your Success With Equipment Financing

Here at WiseCap Funding, we proudly finance nearly any type of business-related equipment, from software and bulldozers to computers and backhoes. We approve applications within 24 hours and offer exceptional interest rates with up to 84 months for repayment. Please keep in mind that our equipment financing options are for businesses that have been in operation for two or more years.

Our Programs

We offer several unique equipment leasing programs to meet the diverse needs of our client base. First, our startup program allows new businesses to lease their equipment to us in exchange for capital needed to enhance the success of their operations. Second, our sale and lease back program allows businesses to use the equity in existing equipment for working capital. Once all payments have been made, ownership is transferred back to the business.

Third, we offer a government and municipal leasing program that provides financing to qualifying government and municipal organizations, such as armed forces departments, libraries, police departments, public schools, fire houses, state agencies, and many others. Fourth and finally, we offer a B, C, and D credit program for businesses with less-than-perfect credit that need capital to run their operations.

Why Leasing Is Beneficial

There are many reasons why leasing all or a portion of your business’ equipment is advantageous. These include some of the following:

  • You free up your business’ capital for other purposes.
  • You only need to make fixed, low monthly payments back on the lease.
  • Equipment leasing offers significant benefits for tax and accounting purposes.
  • You can preserve your business’ existing lines of credit for your organization’s other needs.
  • You prevent your equipment from becoming obsolete over time.

We want to tell you more about how equipment financing can set your business up for success. Give us a call at WiseCap Funding today to speak with a member of our highly qualified team!