Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Yes, Your Business Would Benefit From a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

Major financial institutions do not make getting a business loan easy. In fact, many will not consider a small business loan of any kind. Save yourself the frustration and paperwork by applying for a stated income commercial real estate through WiseCap Funding. We are much nicer than the big banks are.


You can use the borrowed money for many reasons. We don’t care if you want a loan to

  • Boost working capital
  • Consolidate your debt
  • Purchase commercial property
  • Refinance commercial property
  • Renovate commercial property

We will look at the real estate in question and decide if it would work well as collateral for your loan, which makes it nice if you have less-than-stellar credit. As long as the property in question is valuable enough to cover the insurance, mortgage, and taxes of the loan, you should be good to go.

Less Fuss

Because we look at the property instead of you, you don’t have to worry about filling out mounds of paperwork and providing reams of supporting documentation. Properties we’ll consider include

  • Apartment complexes
  • Business complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses

This list isn’t exclusive, however. Talk with us about your commercial property even if it isn’t one of the above.

What to Expect

In general, this type of commercial real estate loan might be a good option for you if you have a 600+ credit score and proof of income (W2 or self-employment documentation). We will finance

  • Auto service, office, retail, self-storage, or warehouse properties up to 65 percent of the LTV
  • Investment properties of up to four units up to 70 percent of the LTV
  • Mixed-use or multi-family properties (5 or more units) up to 75 percent of the LTV

You must have a credit score of 700+ to qualify for the latter.

Financing Your Way

Contact us at WiseCap Funding today to discuss our stated income commercial real estate loan. We’ll finance up to $500,000 and we offer fixed rates and 25-year amortization.