Employee Retention: Top Ways To Retain Your Employees

In order for a business to run smoothly, it should have a high rate of employee retention. Consistently losing staff is often bad for business. Frequently searching for and training new recruits can be costly, and morale can suffer as constant changes make it harder for coworkers to feel like a cohesive unit. Additionally, having many happy long-term workers is an indication to potential new hires that a company is healthy and might be a good place to work.


A happy laborer is generally one who knows that he or she matters to an employer. In order to keep people satisfied, draw on their inherent gifts and allow that to shape their work when possible. Utilizing an individual’s special skills can make that person feel less like a cog in the machine and more like part of the team. Another important consideration is allowing and encouraging your employees to learn and grow. Teaching people new skills and expanding their roles can help them reach their potential and feel accomplished.


The way supervisors interact with their staff often plays a huge role in employee retention. Communicating expectations clearly, providing feedback, and making sure everyone feels heard are three ways supervisors can contribute to company happiness. When people know what is expected of them, they can do their job more efficiently and with less direct supervision. Giving regular feedback to both new and seasoned personnel can be an opportunity for management to offer encouragement and constructive criticism. The flipside is that many good managers listen to feedback as well as give it. This is often a great way for both sides to learn what is effective and where improvement is needed.


Management may also contribute to morale through recognition and financial rewards. People need to feel like what they’re doing is valuable, and supervisors can use a variety of techniques to make sure their workers feel appreciated. The simplest way may be obvious: Thank your team frequently. Straightforward gratitude for a job well done often goes a long way. Financial rewards can lift spirits and directly affect the quality of life of your workforce. Consider dispensing bonuses for special projects, and give performance-based raises periodically to keep your staff content.


If your organization has a low employee retention rate, think about changing the way you manage your labor force. By utilizing workers’ inherent skills and helping them build new ones, you can keep individuals challenged but happy. By communicating clearly, encouraging them, and rewarding them, you can help ensure that people are much more likely to stick around.

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