How to Get More Done in Less Time with These Productivity Hacks

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, finding your focus might feel difficult. For some, the misconception that building a business is easier than working for someone else is something that they have to learn the hard way. Fortunately, there are tips to help you find that focus. If you find yourself struggling with productivity, here are some hacks to help you get through.

Time Block

Everyone has limited focus and willpower. You need to be able to harness the focus that you do have in order to get your job done. Consider managing time in 25-minute blocks of productive work. Take small breaks in between. If you let yourself become distracted with social media, e-mail or anything else, you may not get anything accomplished.

With time blocking, you use short bursts so that it is easy for you to block out those distractions. Now, when you do take your short breaks, make sure to take care of anything that is distracting you. This means check your messages or grab a snack.

Go for a Walk

At first, this might sound counterintuitive. Walking, however, can actually boost your productivity. On one hand, it gives you time to think and plan your day. If you want to be more productive, you can schedule phone meetings during your walk. The truth is that activity helps boost brain function, you are able to daydream and think about your business while moving around.

Play the Right Music

Ambient sounds matter. When you are trying to get work done, it helps to have a focus-enhancing tool. The right type of music serves this function. Make sure that you put on music that won’t distract you but will instead fire you up and help block out any distractions.

Prioritize Tasks

Now, if you really want to be productive, make sure that you are prioritizing your tasks properly. This means focusing on what needs to be done right away sooner than something that you can put off. Likewise, you can try to manage your time in a way that you know you won’t lose energy by the time you get to the last tasks.

Finding focus is something that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with. If you find your productivity waning throughout the day, then you are not alone. However, with these hacks, you may have an easier time finding your focus. To be productive does not have to be a struggle.

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